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29th July 2016 

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As you have searched and found me I guess that you would like to make some changes in yours or your family life.

My name is Margaret Wadsley. I worked with children for many years in an education setting and, during that time, trained in Adlerian Family Counselling. I offer a range of counselling and therapy options for adults children and families. I provide an environment where clients are safe to explore aspects of life in an understanding and non-judgemental relationship.

Of the people I have supported over the years many have commented on the tranquil strength they have experienced through our relationship.

  • Perhaps you feel life is getting you down. You feel stressed, fed up and think you may be suffering from depression/anxiety. You may be concerned for your children and their wellbeing.

  • Perhaps, as parents, you feel discouraged by your children's behaviour and wish to attend family counselling. You may have concerns about a child's school attendance, unhappiness, bullying, untidiness, defiance, risky relationships, too much time on electronic devices or discipline. Perhaps there has been a change of character in your child or teenager.

  • Perhaps a series of demanding events have come along ALL at once and relationships are suffering.

  • Perhaps, as parents, you feel a need for support that improves relationships and as a way to make positive changes leading to wellbeing and a letting go of feeling stuck and confused.

  • Where a break-up has happened between parents, children and young people may come to individual therapy to address their sense of loss and confusion so that they can rediscover their place in the world following a change in their family make up. Support for parents plays a part in this according to their wishes

Family and Individual Counselling
Family Counselling follows a team approach involving all who attend. It is available in the heart of Glasgow - 34 West George Street, at The Consulting Rooms and in Falkirk at 9 Callendar Road within easy reach of the surrounding area. My Practice location in Glasgow is easy to access for families, children and young people by Train, Subway, Bus or Car. At both Glasgow and Falkirk locations children and young people can also be seen individually.

Therapeutic/Counselling Supervision

You may be a counsellor, psychotherapist, teacher, health or child care professional or social worker seeking therapeutic/counselling supervision. On the other hand you may head an organisation or provide occupational health care and be seeking an innovative, committed professional to support the development of your interest group, project or personnel. If so please see the relevant pages on my website.
I have a unique knowledge and awareness of the issues facing children, teenagers and families in the present. I am well placed to support Scottish Government priorities of wellbeing, health promotion, and emotional health.
For wellbeing activities, training and consultancy I currently travel around the UK, to the USA and Canada. I have recdently returned from New England following further training in Breath~Body~Mind practices. I also acted as a consultant for trainee school counsellors during my recent visit to the Northern Arizona University.