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An Adlerian Approach to Family Counselling Introductory Certificate was held between January and April 2019 at the Tom Allan Centre In Glasgow. Feedback was excellent and I will be posting notice of future Adlerian events and when the next course will run.

Children and young people are in need of support for their wellbeing, not only in improving their learning strategies, but in growing their self-awareness and capacity to maximise their achievement in relationship with others.

In 2019 I presented at a school staff conference in Tucson Arizona. The conference focused on creating safe learning environments for chuldren and young people. My presentation highlighted the importance of social interest, and "the magic of encouragement". My BLOG contains a document called: Encouragement Starters. It is designed for all adults who meet children during their lives.

My approach is innovative; guided by neuroscience and contemporary research in body-mind connections, taking into consideration personality beliefs and hidden motivation and their association with learning processes. My focus is assets based, drawing together a refreshing experiential style, while concentrating on revealing the hidden strengths of pupil, teacher, school and community. Adopting holistic, person-focused development is at the center of my approach. When I teach children or provide Professional Learning events, I invite participants to engage with the possibilities of exceeding their current expectations.

Self-awareness is a vital aspect of wellbeing. When a person becomes aware of their motivation behind actions they regret, the choice to change becomes real. Accepting our inferiority feelings as an important part of being human brings freedom to build courage and strength.

Are You Where You Want To Be? The Power To Change.

  • This experiential workshop, for example, offers practical understanding of the factors that underly motivation. Without realising, people choose to act according to hidden beliefs energised by their emotions. From attending this workshop you can choose to transform your thinking if you wish – it’s up to you!

    Professionals from education, social work, health, the caring and therapeutic professions can find the professional development from this course invaluable in your work lives. As well as self-awareness you will come to understand others, adults and children, in a different way. WASP.ed is a Registered provider with Education Scotland. For further information use the email link or phone number on the home page.

    Wellbeing means:
  • positive thinking
  • using mistakes as opportunities
  • knowing who you are and what you want from life
  • coping with whatever life brings
  • being true to your self

    I support children and young people who experience difficulties resulting from childhood conditions such as ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder), ADHD, ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder), dyslexia, DCD (dyspraxia), communication difficulties and learning disabilities.

    I am also an Accredited Trainer from the CCDU The University of Leeds and Derbyshire County Council Accreditation of Trainers Scheme and am a Registered Provider with PLFind

    Training Consultancy. PLfindlogo
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