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During 2019, I travelled to the US, Canada and Lancaster, in the UK, to present on my Living Educational Research inquiries and what that means for me as a therapeutic practitioner, clinical supervisor and educator.

In October 2017 I became a full PhD student, since May last year I have been writing up my thesis having made many changes in my research question in response to my inquiries.

I have revised the title of my PhD:
"Dynamics of Practice Improvement Within Professional Relationships"

In May last year my research question changed for the last time as I became deeply emersed in writing my doctoral thesis. The question:
"How do I understand and explain the dynamics of educational influence as a dialectic/dialogic process of mutual improvement within the supervisory relationship?"

I have not only written about a key value of my practice: "equity". Equity is now a value I call a "leading light" that illuminates my writings with life-affirming energy. As one of my practice values, equity is embedded within fulfilling my feminist epistemology's vision of creating my living theory within an academic space that's anti-oppressive and mirrors it and all my practice values. My aim is to reflect an ethos of equity throughout the research so that its theoretical critiques give attention to valuing diversity. I think that acknowledging the uniqueness of people affirms our capacity for creativity and to self-determination. Promoting an atmosphere of anti-oppressive practice and acknowledging the presence of privilege in all quarters of our world means our individual contributions to the whole may increase in authenticity.

I have created this webpage to enable me to share certain aspects of my research more widely. To broaden my influence, as well as making information I discover, as knowledge creation, and the processes of my inquiry, available to the wider world within a community of Living Theory researchers and Adlerian practitioners and beyond.

My research question has the intention of addressing "how I improve my practice..." as an integral part of my desire to live my embodied Adlerian values in a real way that highlights the importance of encouragement alongside the self-determining of those with whom I work and collaborate. My purpose is to engage a culture of social interest and community feeling within which to extend the reach of my inquiries and enable those who visit my website to have a secure way to contact me and share views and contributions to global conversations that are relevant.

As I develop this page I will place information sheets that guide practitioner research and share tools of inquiry and links to other websites that are of value to the researching process. Here is a link to start with: The Educational Journal of Living Theories


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