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19th November 2017 
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Most recently YOGIYOU (Dru Yoga for children) was enthusiastically received at a primary school Mental Health Day. Each age group experienced their taster session by engaging fully in the movements, enjoying the unity with each other and stillness of relaxation. Their teachers marvelled at their capacity to become calm and focused.

Encouraging Kids: Capturing Social Interest Through Dru Yoga.

The inclusive, encouraging benefits of yoga for children is recognised as building their resilience and capacity as confident individuals, successful learners, effective contributors and responsible citizens. One of the key principles of Adlerian Psychology is that "People are whole beings; all aspects of life are interrelated." Dru Yoga reflects this principle and like Adlerians, emphasises encouragement by focusing on strengths.

In 2012 Dru Yoga was received with enthusiasm at the Scottish Learning Festival when nine children aged between 9 and 11 made a demonstration and spoke of its benefits.
Its value was also supported by NHS Midlothian funded research: Family Healthy Living Project

Dru Yoga promotes:
* The Shared Vision and Common Goals
* Self-esteem
* Confidence building
* Stress reduction
* Inclusion
* Healthy living
* Creativity

Dru Yoga within a Curriculum for Excellence
Emotional and Mental Health Experiences and Outcomes are covered for all stages.